DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) which critically assesses the inherent acumen an aptitude of the individual and attempts to map the different creative and cognitive process within the brain. The test not only offers a static result of a performance at any time, it continually maps the development and growth of talent along educational gradient. It also helps the aspirants to develop their concentration on study which will easily help them to score more than expectations .It not only gives a score to know about the potential and for an existing skillset to improve within a person, but also the possibilities for an individual to acquire a new skillset or talent. It provides a perfect guidance to choose best career options considering future planning. With the help of this test behaviour, personality IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, SQ, brain dominance and 9 types of multiple intelligence information is provided. It would be definitely much helpful to the parents not only suggest but to choose a best career option to their wards.

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