Handwriting Improvement and Speed Writing

Handwriting Improvement and Speed Writing Course: Age Group:  7 years – 21 years

Course Duration: 28 classes of 2 hours each.

Speed Writing is a technique for writing very quickly and is considered particularly useful for taking notes. Deadlines are order of the day. Writing within the allotted time span with legibility and speed plays an important role in everyone’s life, whether a student or a professional, writing with speed and legibility has an important role to play.  This plays a vital role in learning the language and its vocabulary. It also adds to the audio or verbal communication.


Handwriting Improvement Course is to improve ones normal handwriting styles consisting of shapes, sizes, spacing between letters, words, and line alignments in a beautiful, legible and understandable way. Good handwriting skill is a greater asset to the person and creates better impression among others.
This benefits beautiful handwriting, speed improvement, joint handwriting, better marks, legibility and understandability, confidently write in front of others, and write faster and neatly in tests and exams.