Memory Skills

 Improve your Memory Skills: Age Group: 10 years – 18 years

Course Duration: 20 classes- 3 Hours each class.

EEG Report taken before & after course is completed. This report will guide us to know the present state of mind & also know the exact percentage of study focus , attention level etc.

What is Memory? : This is the term given to the structures and processes involved in the storage and subsequent retrieval of information. Memory is involved in processing vast amount of information. This information takes many different forms e.g. images, sounds or meaning.

The complete Memory Training is in a game format with 10 – 12 different memory techniques designed to improve your memory, which will in turn enhance your focus recall information retention etc., with regular training you will notice the difference quicker than you think.

These games of memory techniques is meant to train 4 main types of your memory.

(1) Short Term Memory – Our primary or active memory which helps to form long term memory.

(2) Working Memory – One of the brain’s central components of reasoning and problem solving.

(3) Visual Memory – Responsible for storing previously experienced visual sensations.

(4) Spatial Memory – Responsible for recording one’s environment and spatial orientation.