Power of your Mind

Power of your Mind: Age Group: 7 years – 15 years

Course Duration: 2 Full Day Workshop and 5 follow up classes of 2 hours each.
EEG Report taken before & after the course is completed. This report will guide us to know the present state of mind & also know the exact percentage of Attention level, Study focus etc.

In this course we have Brain Gym Exercises, Eye Ball Exercises, Energy Exercises, 3D Image Games, Brainwaves music for Meditation. We also have entertainment like Puzzle games & dance activities etc.
The benefits of Brain Gym & Eye Ball Exercises helps us to become sharper, boosts our confidence level, improves our self-esteem, improves eye sight, increases creativity and communication skills etc., Well explained by Dr .Paul Dianes. The energy exercise helps us to remove an energy blockage in one area, you support energy flow not only to that area but to others as well. This exercise helps us to increase creativity by removing your conditioned “that is impossible” mental blocks. This will lead to better problem solving, improved restoring free flow of energy and re-creating balance in the whole system (The Mind Body) will open the floodgates of your greatest potential.