Speed Reading

Speed Reading: Age Group: 7 years – 15 years

Course Duration: 2 Full Day Workshop and 20 Follow up classes of 2 hours/each.

EEG Report taken before & after the course is completed. This report will guide us to know the present state of mind & also know the exact percentage of Study focus, Attention level etc.

Speed Reading allowed us to stay knowledgeable in a very competitive industry with plenty of time to spare. The most amazing part of learning how to Speed Read were the 7 benefits. They were as follows…

• Improved Memory

• Better Focus

• Higher Level Of Self-Confidence

• Improved Logic

• Higher Levels Of Emotional Well-being

• Improved Problem Solving Skills

• Higher Levels Of Motivation

Here is a detailed breakdown of the benefits.

Improved Memory. The brain is like a muscle. If we train our brains, it will grow stronger and it will be able to perform better. Speed Reading challenges our brains to perform at a higher level. When you train your brain to be able to take in information faster, other areas of your brain will also improve such as your memory. Memory when you read, acts like a stabilizer muscle that gets worked when you Speed Read.

Better Focus. Most people have the ability to read at 600wpm (words per minute). The actual average reading speed is around 200wpm. Why is there such a big gap? There are two primary reasons. Number one, the traditional reading style we are taught is not very efficient. The other reason is, lack of focus. If we are not focused on what we are reading, our mind will wander and it will become occupied with other thoughts and thought processes. Speed Reading helps build focus.

Higher levels Of Self-Confidence. I believe that this effect is the result of knowing that you can learn just about any aspect of life faster once you have a better ability to read faster and comprehend more. When you improve your ability to read faster, you will find that more and more doors open up for you and you start to get more options in life. I believe that this is because every book or article whether it is fiction or non-fiction, causes us to shift our awareness and we begin to see more depth in our lives. This new found depth, boosts our self-confidence.

Improved Logic. Reading is an exercise for your brain. When you train your brain to read faster, something amazing happens. Your brain becomes more efficient at sorting information and finding correlations to other bits of information previously stored. The more you improve in reading speed, the faster this process happens and you will automatically notice improvement with logic. You will then find that when you play games of logic such as chess, you are actually better at it.

Emotional Well-being. Reading is very relaxing in general. It can help reduce stress because it gets your mind off worries or other thoughts that are not healthy and beneficial. When you read faster, you will be even more absorbed into the material. This causes you to focus predominately on the information you are reading. This is also known as active-meditation. Active-meditation is a meditative state achieved by doing an activity. This state can release tension and increase emotional well-being.

Improved Problem Solving Skills. This again is achieved due the exercise your brain goes through when Speed Reading. You can also take this a step further and read educational material while Speed Reading. .

In this course we have Body Relaxation Exercise, Eye Ball Exercise, Mandala Cards Training, Number Training, 3D Stereogram Training.