*   Smart kid’s workshop (Age 5 to 15 years) Duration-18 week’s package  


(1)ESP BRAIN WINDOW: (Sensory/cognitive system):-contestants identify colures and letters without ordinary sensory input. By using the left brain 5 senses. We have eye ball exercise, 3D Image games, Meditation, Entertainment like games & dance activities and also* ESP Brain Gym exercises:  (Sensory/cognitive System):- Contestants hold demanding isometric postures based on oriental health theory, that help promote overall circulatory wellness. Dr.Paul Dianes says that this activity will awaken us to understanding of the inter depending of movement, learning, and brain development. We have 5 levels in this course


(2) ESP PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: This involves be able to recall images, names, words, numbers having a strong memory relies on neuroplasticity of the brain ability to recognize itself over time by breaking sharp memory. This training is full of creative and converted to games format with lots of fun and enjoyment. This has basic, medium, advance level


(3)ESP BRAIN ENHANCEMENT TRAINING: (Sensory /cognitive system): Contestants identify the colors, Numbers, shapes, Letters, Word without ordinary visual sensory input by using the right brain 5 senses. This training as adopted by Duke University Psychologist proven by Dr. Fredic-myers & Dr.I.J.B. Rhine. This has 3 levels.


4) ESP QUANTUM SPEED READING: This Is a Completely new technique for reading book without looking at the pages. It was development in japan,astonishing as it may seem to most of us who learned only to read book by reading a page at a time they can in fact by read by simply flipping the pages. It can also be utilized in several other creative ways for problem solving